Tips To Store Gajar Ka Halwa For A Week…

Tips To Store Gajar Ka Halwa For A Week...

The winter season with the pink cold is beginning to knock. In this case, the turmeric, gajak, chikki, and carrot halwa have begun to appear in the market. We know that after hearing the name of carrot halwa, water should have come in your mouth and it is also shameful. The special thing about this halva is that we can store it for a few days and enjoy it every day after eating. If you like carrot halva too and you also keep it for a week, then this news is special for you. Today we will tell you how to store it for a long time so that you can taste fresh for a long time.

Do not use milk
Many women put milk in the halwa when they are made. Do not do this. You can make halva without milk too. For this, you have to cook the decoction in the water till its water ends. Apart from this, the carrot should also be well-received. If you do this, the taste will remain fresh for a long time, but if you put milk in it then its taste will change within two days.

Tips To Store Gajar Ka Halwa For A Week...

Dry fruits while eating:
Never make dough fruits in the form of halwa. Because the dried fruit fries at the time of making the halwa give good taste at that time, but if you are making it to store it, then tell you two to three days later this taste changes absolutely. If you like, you can do it when you eat halwa and then add dried fruits above. 

Do not put too much 
holes if you want to keep the halwa fresh for long periods of time, do not use it in large quantities, because Khoa is made from milk. If you put it in high amount of halwa, then the taste of halwa can be spoiled in a few days. It may also be that the sour taste of halwa is coming. Yes, if you like to lose more quantity then at the time when you heat the lava, put the khova over by itself. 

Finally, a last tip. When you store it, put it in the air tide box and keep it in the fridge. When you have to eat it, but this does not mean that you keep opening the box again and again. 

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