Sunny Leone collaborated With Bangladeshi Singer For New Hit Song

Sunny Leone Tied Up With Bangladeshi Singer For Making A New Hit...

Sunny Leone is trying so hard to be framed in the Hindi entertainment industry anyhow. Husband Daniel Weber is shedding money like water to producers and is leaving Mumbai and having a relationship with Bangladeshi singer. One such singer is Taposh. Famous music composer Pritam has been associated with Jum 8 Studios for a long time and Pritam’s service has also been done by Taposh.

Pratima of Tatosh has now entered the Hindi Music Industry and has supported Sunny Leone’s support for it. Sunny is also happy about this relationship made from Bangladesh. But Sunny does not know that the item numbers have ended. Given this changing preference of the audience, Karan Johar has announced the departure of item numbers from his films. 

Katrina Kaif’s Thugs of Hindostan and recently released Jiro item items deny viewers have declined. Chhamma Chhamma of Mouni Roy also found no special stir. Now turn is Sunny Leoni. The fashion of item numbers in the Hindi entertainment industry is coming down. 

Katrina Kaif’s Thugs of Hindostan and Zero item number were big flops. Mouni Roy goes on the alley’s alley and Eli Avram’s Chhamma Chhamma did not get any special fame. Now its Sunny Leone’s turn.

Recently, Sunny Leoni had also reached Kareena with a show. Sunny Leoni told her husband Danielle as a lot of support during the conversation with Kareena. Sunny Leoni said that in his absence, Daniel not only takes care of his daughter but also changes the baby’s diapers. 

Sunny Leone Tied Up With Bangladeshi Singer For Making A New Hit...

Kareena was impressed with Sunny Leone’s remarks and said she would like her husband Saif to meet Daniels. Let Kareena begin the shooting of Karan Johar’s film ‘Takht’ after Timur’s Birthday Vacation.

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