Do You Know That It Is Good To Eat Oranges During A Cold…

Do You Know That It Is Good To Eat Oranges During A Cold...

Every second person in India is Vaidya, Hakim or Doctor. ‘Stomach is getting hurt, take a little celery,’ ‘It’s cold, take lemon salt and take lukewarm water. ‘The treatment of a small merge is given as if it is a doctorate in it. By the way, these are just Hindustan, it is not so. In every civilization and culture, man has taught thousands of tips from thousands of years, who provide relief in seasonal diseases. Winter is the day. Coughs, colds, and chills are common. Why not, for this, more than 200 types of viruses are responsible for this. As a result, different prescriptions are reported on every country’s cold. The question is: Are these prescriptions so effective that we give relief from freezing and cold? Science behind the home remedies to deal with any disease has to strengthen our ability to fight diseases of our body. There are two aspects, one has our innate ability to fight diseases. Again, the body is preparing to compete with the new virus attack. How to deal with such a virus, it misses our attention. Only then, we have only smallpox disease once in our life. But, the cold often takes several years, more or less each year. The reason is that it has many types of viruses. Our brain is dazzled in recognizing them.


Our strength to fight diseases is directly related to our eating and living. Our immune system is the immune system that is weak only when there is a lack of vitamin or mineral in our body. This is the reason why it is advisable to take lemon salt by putting lemon salt on cold because it lacks salt and vitamin C in the body. Experts of diseases in London’s Imperial College, Charles Baumgham say that if we regularly If you eat healthy and balanced food, then these home remedies are not as effective for us.

Do You Know That It Is Good To Eat Oranges During A Cold...

Charles Bingham says, “If there is a lack of important vitamins or minerals in your body, such as zinc or sodium, then you will be comfortable with a particular home remedy. But, if you have a balanced diet, then such techniques are inevitable. ‘ But, home remedies cannot be completely dismissed. There are many such experts who have proved that domestic remedies also help in fighting seasonal diseases. In most of these experiments, more research has been done to find important vitamins or minerals from these home remedies.

Garlic and cold

Some things like garlic, give us the power to fight diseases. In research some people were given fake garlic medicines and some people got real Those who were given fake garlic medicines, they often got cold. At the same time, those who consume garlic medicine have reduced cold disease. This happened with vitamin C. Vitamin C supplements do not benefit much. However, if the children are given regular vitamin D in vitamin C then they are less likely to suffer from chills. By the way, it is advisable to drink orange juice when cold. But, experts say that it is not very effective. The juice of orange juice, therefore, contains enough Vitamin C. However, this does not strengthen our immune system to fight cold.

Yes, by taking a zinc supplement your sister’s nose may be greatly reduced. Its daily dose of 80 milligrams can be very helpful for you. Scientists and doctors believe that vitamins and minerals are better if we are part of our regular diet. Taking supplement of them is not considered as wise according to the information such as the need for Vitamin C to be completed by our eating and drinking. But, the deficiency of zinc can be completed quickly through supplementation.

Supplement or regular dose?

However, the lack of research has been felt that those who were relieved of the home remedies were also lacking in vitamins and minerals. Some people believe that home remedies are often used like counterfeit drugs such as orange juice or chicken soup. It is believed that they are relieved when they are cold. Now they do not have the advantages, it is clear. But people are relieved to drink orange juice or chicken soup when cold. What is the reason for this, it is not clear, 

Perhaps people feel better about fighting them mentally for diseases. That is, the whole game is trusting. Those who believe in home remedies, they sometimes relieve yourself from the cure of celery, and sometimes prescribe cold drinks. At the same time, those who do not trust, they have to take home remedies on the advice of others, but they do not get relief.

Research expert Bishop of Southampton University of Britain says, “Research shows that counterfeit drugs are effective because of the trust between the patient and the doctor. Trusting doctors, making fake drugs effective, patients rely on them. If there is a lot of trust in puberty, then it is also more effective. ‘


The Faculty Bishop says that this same thing can be said about domestic remedies. Even if they do not have the same effect. But, such prescriptions often give those people around us that we trust. This is the reason why we try domestic remedies if we feel cold, then feel relieved. This is the effect of counterfeit medicine. Sometimes doctors tell the patient that the drug is fake, but it has given relief to many people. Relieving the doctor, the patients eat those fake drugs and feel comfortable. In addition to trust, our genes play a vital role in making domestic remedies effective or neutral.

Some people become cold and cold again despite all the precaution. At the same time, some people are not cold-headed even after being frustrated. This is the structure of our genes. So, do not implement domestic remedies at all. It is up to you. If you believe, then try it. Otherwise, occasionally the zinc supplement can be frozen if it seems cold.

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