According To A Report Loneliness Is More Dangerous Than Smoking 15 Cigarettes…

According To A Report Loneliness Is More Dangerous Than Smoking 15 Cigarettes...

According to a report, drinking fifteen cigarettes throughout the day is also frightening loneliness. If the life of those struggling with loneliness is not illuminated during the time, then disability of scourge will be spread in life. Recently Britain has proposed the proposal of the loneliness. Is it really necessary in India? When love, friendship, identity cannot be bought, can you be overcome by loneliness alone? Maybe yes One can be tried. Some countries have made the treatment essential to deal with this horrific situation. For instance, in the Netherlands, students are required to spend 30 hours per week with the elderly and the residents, so that skills can be developed in unitary citizens and the joy of living is regenerated.  

On the same lines, Singapore has been given opportunities to retire some years back to work. Due to retirement, the purpose of living in people is lost and they become victims of loneliness in Andheri closet. 

According To A Report  Loneliness Is More Dangerous Than Smoking 15 Cigarettes...

Do not flirt with health

Many people are in tension, they can not pay attention to their health either. Many of them are depressed at such times that they leave until they eat and drink. Know so much that not only you are miserable in this world but also many people like you. But this method of dealing with suffering cannot be justified. Associate Professor Dr. AIIMS Psychiatric Department Rajesh Sagar says, “There are seven people out of a thousand in the country, who are in tension and oriented towards narcotic things. 

And now women are getting involved in this. Drugs also damage mental health as well as physical health. So do not flirt with health. Whether it is unheard of for millions of problems, think of making your lifestyle as healthier, like sleeping and sleeping, as well as sleeping at the appointed time.          

More packages are discounted due to home 

The social family system in the country has started to become increasingly scattered. Instead of a joint family, a single family is taking it. Dada-grandmother or the maternal grandmother’s is now a thing of the past. The definitions of relationships are changing in competition and greed for getting more money. Institutional family arrangements are coming in the way of questions. Going home due to more packages 

Surprised Survey 
According to a survey, every 10th person in the country is suffering from some type of psychiatric treatment. In every 40th second, a person commits suicide. The world health figure is even more shocking. According to this figure, a quarter of the world’s population is a victim of some mental illness.

Out of this, only 40 percent of people are diagnosed and they can be treated. Every year around one million people who lose their lives by self-killing every year. According to psychiatrist Dr. Sameer Malhotra, the reason for these self-murder is depression, which is the cause of increasingly-growing dementia, angiabetes

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