5 Food Tips For Normal Periods…

5 Food Tips For Normal Periods...

Due to the negligent lifestyle and the attitude of negligence towards health these days the problem of irregular periods has become common among women. Home, office, women trapped in the responsibility of the children, think about their problems after solving all the problems of the family. For this reason, despite feeling hurt sometimes, they ignore some things. Women should understand that Periods have a direct and very deep connection with their health, so do not ignore the problem of irregular periods. needed. In irregular periods, women often go through menstruation once or twice a month or twice in a month, menstruation is done two or three times. There can be many reasons for this, in case, of many women, the situation may be more serious, for which it is important to consult a doctor, but for a normal period you can start from today and it is better Khan-Pan You can only consume these five foods and get rid of the problem of irregular periods. Let us give you these special tips for normal periods.  

We have become more dependent on outdoor eating due to lack of time. In this way, we have stopped paying attention to the right diet, but this is not a big task. Just need a little attention. Papaya gets around your house, around the office everywhere. Not too expensive too. Women can use this fruit to turn an irregular or distressed menstruation into a very normal period. 

5 Food Tips For Normal Periods...

Actually, Papaya has an element called Pepe, which increases estrogen hormone levels. Because of this, the Periods tend to be quite normal. If papaya is a very delicious fruit, but if a woman does not like its test, its shake can be drunk even after making it. If the problem is high, drink raw papaya juice for a few months, but keep in mind that it should never be consumed during periods.

If a woman is healthy too, then she can also use it because there is no harm to her consumption. Celery contains antioxidants, which increases the blood circulation of the pelvic area. Simply put some celery soaked in water for a short time and now drink its water.

Pumpkin seeds:
It contains zinc, which increases the level of testosterone hormone. This gives great relief in unbearable pain in periods, and it plays an important role in making periods very normal.  

Black sesame:
Their heat is hot, which helps in increasing blood circulation in the povic area. Eat just 1 teaspoon black sesame each morning It is very helpful in balancing hormones. 

Eat ginger with honey or mix some ginger in water for half a cup, boil it for 5-7 minutes. After this add some honey and after eating it, take this mixture three times a day. The ginger is hot and the body’s metabolism is intensified. This is particularly beneficial for women, whose periods are delayed or are being done for a very short period of time. Just keep an eye on the fact that when you bring Ginger from the market, rinse well with water thoroughly, because many types of chemicals are also used to bring ginger on the market.  

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