Top Tourist Attraction Place In Bihar

Top Tourist Attraction Place In Bihar

Whenever there is a need to roam, people often take names from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, then they start to advise to travel some south. But do you know there are also many beautiful tourist sites in Bihar? If planning is going on for the holidays, hardly anyone will remember the name of Bihar, then let’s get rid of this illusion that there is nothing special to roam in Bihar, tell you some special place in Bihar Regarding who will almost double the fun of your holidays.  

Nalanda University,

first of all, make you humbly from Nalanda University located in Bihar, where people used to come from far away to study. Please tell, it was founded by Gupta, ruler of the Gupta dynasty. Apart from this, this is the place where Emperor Ashoka constructed the highest monasteries and temples. The special thing in this building is to see that it is made of red stone which people come from abroad to see. People believed that Mahatma Buddha also came here to get education here.  

Gaya is the

name of Bihar’s second largest city, famously known as Dharam Nagri in Bihar. In particular, this city has the highest importance of Vishnu temple. It is said that this temple has the feet of Lord Vishnu. People from the city on the banks of the Falgun River come to donate their bodies. According to Hindu religion, the person who dies by doing so gets salvation. Apart from this, this place is quite famous for tourism. It is said that Lord Buddha stayed here for a long time, due to which his name was kept Bodh Gaya.

Top Tourist Attraction Place In Bihar


Rajghat is recognized as the historical and religious city of Bihar. Let us tell you, the name of Rajghat changed over time in the name of Rajgir. Here greenery and natural beauty attract people towards themselves. Then there people of Hindu and Bodh Dharma come here and feel blessed. The special thing is that there is also a hot tub, where after bathing, people consider themselves holy.


, located in Munger Bihar, is called the historic city. There are still fortresses of ancient times built up here today. People come from far away to see these forts. The city is situated/located on the banks of river Ganges in bihar. There are many lofty fortresses on the hills that appear here, which make four-moon in the beauty of this city. Here, if you want to enjoy nature scenes, then you are the best place of Krishna Vatika. There are two long tunnels inside this garden which were built in ancient times. 


Vaishali is the city of Bihar state which was named after the name of King Vishal of Mahabharata period. The best weather to visit here is considered January, February, March, April. In this small villag people come to see columns and stupas made by Emperor Ashoka. Let’s say here the great peace stupa is famous all over the world. It is said that Lord Buddha stayed here for a long time. There is a place here where Lord Buddha used to enjoy the rainy season. Apart from this, there is a lake in Vaishali whose water was considered holy in ancient times. However, people who come here today go away and bow down to this water.

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