This Is Perfect Time To Plan To Have A Short And Sweet Pink City Jaipur Trip…

This Is Perfect Time To Plan To Have A Short And Sweet Pink City Jaipur Trip...

If you want to go somewhere along with your partner by taking a break from everyday life, this is the best time to visit Jaipur. As the winter season starts, Pink City’s weather becomes quite romantic, so you can plan a little romantic trip with your partner. You will not need much longer time to roam it. You can explore it in just two days, for which you plan on this trip on any weekend. Let’s know some special things about this city.

This Is Perfect Time To Plan To Have A Short And Sweet Pink City Jaipur Trip...

Take a break from the thrilling life and go on a romantic trip with a partner. Jaipur This city is famous for its royal and grand historic buildings. There are many old forts, palaces, and temples to see and roam here and as well as to relax, and enjoy. As you can visit Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigad Fort, City Palace, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Jagat Shiromani Temple, Albert Hall, Govind Devaji Temple, and Sisodiya Rani Mahal.

Not only this, you can also enjoy shopping here as you look at these places. Jaipur still has a glimpse of old culture and culture, due to which there is a different enjoyment of shopping here.

This is the perfect time to visit Jaipur, because in November the temperature is 15 to 25, so that you can enjoy beautiful scenes while enjoying this lovely weather with your partner. If you want you can enjoy the lake with your partner. The waterfront here is very beautiful.

This palace is so beautiful that it also comes to visit tourists from far away. The highlight of this palace is that the 4th floor of this palace the 5th floor lives inside the water and only one floor appears on the water. To see this palace you have to go by boat and 3 doors have been built to get inside it.

Besides the lake and the forts you can also visit temples here. Here the temple of Govind Dev ji is very festive. Located inside the City Palace, this temple is a story related to the idol of Lord Krishna. It is said that this idol is a replica of Lord Krishna’s face. This idol was brought from King Jai Singh himself from Vrindavan and was restored.

You can visit these places in Jaipur –
Amark Fort – Jigar Fort – City Palace – Hava Mahal – Nahargarh Fort – Jantar Mantar – Jagat Shiromani Temple –
Jal Mahal – Albert Hall – Govinda Devaji Temple – Sisodiya Rani Mahal – Stache Circle

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