Do You Know Why We Eat More Food With Friends Or Family than Eating Alone?

Do You Know Why We Eat More Food With Friends Or Family than Eating Alone?

Elders often say that food should always be eaten and distributed with everyone. Tasty food is not seen well. The elderly argue that it is cooked together but modern research tells us that we sit in the group and eat more food. We also take the taste of those recipes, which we may never eat at all. By the way, the practice of eating food together has been very old. Even when the human being huddled with a hunt, even then he used to sit in the swarm and eat it. Research also proves that by eating alone food, one becomes the victim of depression and stress. It is said that the eating habits of those who sit and sit with us also affect us. 

Health psychiatrist John Di Castro researched about 500 people in the year 1994. This research sample included both those who ate alone and had dinner with people. It was found that the eaters at the group eat more food. 

The results of another research show that 40 percent of the people eating the group eat more ice cream. 10 percent of people have eaten macaroni, However, those who sit alone do not take these things to their hands. 

Do You Know Why We Eat More Food With Friends Or Family than Eating Alone?

What is the reason?

What is the reason that when we eat with someone else, do you eat more? According to Castro, when many people eat together, there is a round-the-clock talk with food. Because of which our hands often stop accounting. This increases the time of food. ,  While those who eat small groups or eat alone, they quickly finish their meal. This way they avoid getting too much food. 

Another similar use was done in 2006. About 132 people were given a certain time to eat. All the participants were divided into groups of two or four, while some were dropped. But the results of the research proved that due to the time limit, all of them ate enough food.

these prove that when we spend more time in eating, the account is even more. Often, when many people gather during the ceremony, they keep on eating with nothing and nothing else. In this small quantity, we eat more than our hunger, and we do not even realize it. Some experts say that only social groups do not force us to eat more. Rather, people sitting alone often eat more. Many people eat too much while sitting with strangers. 

For example, in a research conducted in Japan, some people were asked to sit in front of the mirror or to pop-corn in front of the mirror. In front of the mirror, people eating pop-corn eat more food than they eat. Perhaps this is why most of the restaurants keep the mirror all around, so that customers eat more and order more.

It is not like the results of every research are hundred percent right. Some studies claim that people eat less in the group. In fact, when we eat red meat, or eat with someone who is aware of the eating habits of us, then we get frustrated. Wherever there are people in the group, they have different eating habits. All reside in hesitation. Somewhere in the brain, there is a thinking that you do not have any wrong opinion in front of my eating habit. There are many studies that prove that the victims of obesity eat more in the lone than the group alone. Similarly, when obesity happens to young people like their own weights, chips and biscuits eat much. Perhaps he is happy that he is not the only victim of obesity. But when these people are with weak people, they eat less. 

The same thing has been seen in women too. When women eat food with men, they eat low calorie things macaroni but when they eat only with women, they eat everything without any avarice. 

Therefore, it can be said that the ways of society affect our eating habits, but to what extent do they have any research, no research has yet happened.

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