The World’s Most Expensive Hill Herbs, Priced At Rs 60 Lakh per kg

The World's Most Expensive Hill Herbs

In the highlands of the Himalayas, there is an unsurpassed herb found in ‘Yarashagumba’ which is not used in India but it is used as a natural steroid in China. Due to its energetic ability to increase power, these athletes in China, especially athletes Is given. Seeing this utility of this herb, large-scale local people are exploiting and trafficking in Pithoragarh and Dharchula area because it offers a fair price in China. Even in its collections and those involved in the trade, there is a bloody struggle for it. The incidents have been witnessed and two cases of murder have also been registered in Kumaon. When the news of its illegal business came from the government and scientists’ ears Lying so were all awake and out in search for the peaks laden with snow.


Understandably, it is a kind of wild mushroom that grows by killing a particular insect caterpillar that is caterpillars. The scientific name of this plant is cordispeps sinuses, and the insect that caterpillers grow on it is named as Hypillus Fabricus. Local People call it wormwood because it is half a worm and half is studded and it is called Yarashagumba in China-Tibet.
A team of Indian Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, located in Dehradun recently returned from studying it. Dr. Nirmal Sudhir Harsh, head of the Forest Pathology department at FRI, explains, “The roots are found in areas of high altitude of 3500 meters where the tree runs out, i.e., where the trees stop growing after May. If it melts, then its growth cycle starts. “


It is not easy to find it. The team of FRI, which has identified its remote areas for this, said its associate research associate Kumar Khuneja, who has experienced the experience, “After 10-day trekking from Dharchula, we barely reached there but local People had already camped there. It is sent to bring it, whose eyes are sharp because it will be hidden inside the soft grass Land is very difficult to be recognized. ”

If this does not happen in the headlines, then in the recent times, it was not a fight for the search, and it was the first to break records of China’s female athletes in the Stuartgard World Championship in the 1,500 meters, three thousand meters and ten thousand meters. Afterward, large-scale Their trainer Ma Junren told the reporters that he has been consumed regularly by the Yarashagumbuda. That is said, 3-4 years ago where it was Gus was sold for four lakh rupees per kg, and now its price has gone up to eight to 10 lakh per kilogram.

The World's Most Expensive Hill Herbs

The botanist Dr. AN Shukla says, “Nutritional elements such as proteins, peptides, amino acids, vitamin B-1, B-2, and B-12 are found in abundance in this fungus. They give strength in an instant and do not get caught in the doping tests done by the players. “There are other uses in Chinese-Tibetan traditional medicine. Prema Lama, priest of a Buddhist monastery in Dehradun, says, “It has been considered a life saving medicine in the treatment of lung and kidneys.”

According to the sources, tonic, which is now being prepared by the insects and insects, is also being prepared which have a huge demand. “It is so important to all these reasons that the secret business is continuing. Unlike Uttarakhand’s chief forest conservator SS Rawat, , “It is trying to legalize its business the and the forest department will collect it, but it involves so much money that illegal collection and smuggling continues Land. “The loss of the other scientists and environmentalists worry that seeking illegal or delicate biodiversity of legitimate Himalayas and its indiscriminate exploitation and ecology.

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