Vishal Bhardwaj Meets Shahid Kapoor For Movie Kaminey Sequel…

Vishal Bharadwaj gives evidence of his understanding at time and time. When he made a colorful look with stars like Saif Ali Khan, Kangna and Shahid Kapoor, his understanding meant that why the stars are important in commercial films. He argued that large stars stardom is of great importance in reaching good movies to the audience.

When Rangoon was stacked at the box office, Vishal Bharadwaj’s next film, Bunny Patacha, was the Comedian Sunil Grover in the name of the biggest star. At the box office, the film also dashed, Vishal Bharadwaj’s tone changed and now his wisdom is saying that stardom has become the biggest threat to the world of films. 

Because the stars taking big money cannot guarantee a single show. Vishal Bharadwaj was so hurt that he started saying, ‘I can not make any star for the film to make the film.’ Now Vishal Bharadwaj’s office is indicating that he has again turned to Shahid Kapoor for the next film. 

With Shahid, he has been talking about making a sequel of a long time ago but sources tell that this time there is a different story which is a romantic action film. The proposal of Vishal has reached Shahid Kapoor and now Shahid’s response is awaiting.

Actor Ishaan Khattar has named his elder brother Shahid Kapoor as his master. Ishan said that Shahid is an experienced dancer as well as his advisor. Ishan told that Shahid has taught him dance through many different techniques. That is why, Ishaan treats them as their teacher and advisor. 

Ishaan also told that he also talked about his professional life with his brother. Ishan told the media that I had discussions with my brother and mother about working in the film. I told them that I am going to do this. I think that if you are close to someone, you will definitely want to share those things which are very important to you. 

According to Ishaan, brother Shahid does not want to share everything with him or with his mother. Despite this, its north side likes to share things with their mother and brother. Ishaan started his film career with Iranian filmmaker Majid Majid’s Bind the Clouds, but in Bollywood, he got the film beats. The actor said that his mother was the first dancer in his family.

Do You Know That Pork Is The Most Expensive Meat Of The World Which Is Very Demand In South America

Do you know where the world’s most expensive ham is? If not, then let’s go to that place today. Two countries are living on the Iberian Peninsula of Southern Europe. Portugal and Spain, both of these countries are known for their different tahajib. It was a period when these two countries had established a huge empire in the whole world. The government of Spain was in most of the southern United States. Mexico also His slave was there. Here, the people of Portugal had established their empire from the Philippines to Brazil.

Well, today is not the issue of their empire, but the world’s most expensive pork beef, which is made in Spain, is so expensive that if you hear the price then your senses will fly. It is sold. But, after knowing about how they are prepared, you will find this price reasonable.

So, let’s go to Spain

More than two thousand years ago, the pork beef was eaten up in a big way in the Iberian Peninsula. Ram’s poet Marshal had mentioned in his book that in the first century AD, eating pork in Spain in the first century AD. Till now, the custom of sacrificing pigs is to celebrate every part of the country’s rural areas. After offering the sacrifice, the remaining meat is cooked immediately and eaten. But, its back legs, and especially the sticks, are kept.
Ham is prepared by making them dry. Jamon or Ham is an important part of Spanish culture. Small villages or large cities, Spain has great importance for pork meat everywhere. The people of Span every year about one hundred and sixty thousand tons of pork, then the pork in another country of the world is so large It cannot be eaten. Hum can be ready with every pig pupa. But ham of pigs of special black breeds of Spain is considered the most delicious.

It tastes differently just like that. In French, wine is considered to be the identity of a particular area. Likewise, the pork that is cooked in the Zaguna area of ​​Spain is considered to be the most delicious. These are grown in the neighborhood of the small town of Andalusia. In the Spanish language, Ham is made from the pigs of this particular breed It is known as the Iberico de Belota. In fact, this area is with grasslands. It is called Dhesa. In addition to the Middle and Southern Spain, neighboring countries spread across Portugal. There is also farming in the area, there are forests and the pasture is also left here due to the ecosystem, less exploitation, there are special types of oak i.e. chestnut trees, by eating their fruit, the sheep fill their stomach. Eduardo Donato lived in this area, he used to live in the city. But in search of better life, Eduardo settled down in 1989. He wanted to spend closer to the time.

They bought a bit of land and began to work on piggering in 1995. He made the first installment of HEM, that is, about ten years later in 2005, he does not use chemicals either to feed his pigs nor to give them Hormone injections. They allow the pigs to grow them in a big way before cutting them. This is the reason why Ham is ready in his farm, the world’s most expensive. Because its cost is even higher. Haid of Eduardo, who sold a pig of 3 million and 28 thousand rupees, has also got place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Eduardo’s pig farm has a national park nearby. This is a protected area. Here trees are not harvested, as a result that their pigs are available naturally for food all year round.

They eat the fruit of the tree of the oak, which fill the stomach, which is why the meat of these pigs gives a different taste. Those fruits and seeds meet here, they are considered very good for health. This thing is ours America National Center for Biotechnology Information says. Here there are several breeds of chestnut trees, which give fruit on different occasions. There are arrangements for eating pigs for years.

Piglets of Iberia are generally black. However, the color of Eduardo’s sheep is golden brown. There are rashes on their body. These breeds have almost ended due to excessive demands of black pigs. But today they are populated in Eduardo’s form. This breed’s pig is cultivated for about three years before cutting it. Even their ham is well prepared. If the weight is right, cut the pigs and split its last leg. Go. The rest of the meat is used immediately.


Slicing this ham i.e. the thin layer of cutting is also different. It is also known for its intelligent people. They keep the pieces of ham in front of the tasting ones. The meat on the upper part has a different taste. The pieces near the hooves are tastes of different types. The large and famous restaurants in Spenberg have a big event to cut the ham. They are cut immediately at a normal temperature, so that the taste does not spoil Eduardo says, ‘We earn money to live. Not that they are living to earn money. That’s why, they are preparing the world’s most expensive ham.

Sunny Leone Tied Up With Bangladeshi Singer For Making A New Hit…

Sunny Leone is trying so hard to be framed in the Hindi entertainment industry anyhow. Husband Daniel Weber is shedding money like water to producers and is leaving Mumbai and having a relationship with Bangladeshi singer. One such singer is Taposh. Famous music composer Pritam has been associated with Jum 8 Studios for a long time and Pritam’s service has also been done by Taposh.

Pratima of Tatosh has now entered the Hindi Music Industry and has supported Sunny Leone’s support for it. Sunny is also happy about this relationship made from Bangladesh. But Sunny does not know that the item numbers have ended. Given this changing preference of the audience, Karan Johar has announced the departure of item numbers from his films. 

Katrina Kaif’s Thugs of Hindostan and recently released Jiro item items deny viewers have declined. Chhamma Chhamma of Mouni Roy also found no special stir. Now turn is Sunny Leoni. The fashion of item numbers in the Hindi entertainment industry is coming down. 

Katrina Kaif’s Thugs of Hindostan and Zero item number were big flops. Mouni Roy goes on the alley’s alley and Eli Avram’s Chhamma Chhamma did not get any special fame. Now its Sunny Leone’s turn.

Recently, Sunny Leoni had also reached Kareena with a show. Sunny Leoni told her husband Danielle as a lot of support during the conversation with Kareena. Sunny Leoni said that in his absence, Daniel not only takes care of his daughter but also changes the baby’s diapers. 

Kareena was impressed with Sunny Leone’s remarks and said she would like her husband Saif to meet Daniels. Let Kareena begin the shooting of Karan Johar’s film ‘Takht’ after Timur’s Birthday Vacation.

Ishaan Khatter Break Silence On Rumours of Having Affair With Janhavi Kapoor…

Jahnavi Kapoor and Ishan Khattar were seen together in ‘Dhadk’ movie. The film did not do anything special at the box office, but the pair of Ishaan and Jahnavi got plenty of money. Even both of them often appeared together in the award function and the event, after which the news of both the affair caught up with them. The first reaction of Ishaan Khattar is revealed on the news of the affair.

Ishaan Khattar spoke to Pinvilla for the first time on his and Jahnavi’s relationship. Ishan Khattar said – ‘Karan Johar has asked questions in this regard with coffee. He asked me questions seriously and asked me questions. I have answered about it in the show. This episode will be telecast soon. ‘

Interestingly, in ‘Coffee Vide Karan’, Jahnavi Kapoor has also come with his stepbrother Arjun Kapoor. During the show, Karan Johar had also asked the same question from Jahnavi which Jahnavi had rejected at the end. Tell me, in ‘Coffee With Karan’, Ishaan Khattar will soon be seen drinking coffee with Shahid Kapoor. 

Ishaan and Jahnavi were seen together on the cover page of ‘Filmfare Magazine’. During the interview from Hindustan Times, Jahnavi had said while talking about Ishaan – “So far I have worked with Ishaan. They have a special energy, which is why they are new to the industry. The biggest thing is that as an actor they have more experience than me. ‘

A lot of celebrities have come before Karan Johar’s show ‘Coffee With Karan’. The names of Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and now Shahid Kapoor and Ishan Khattar are also included in these celebrities. At the moment, it will be interesting to watch what else Ishaan and Shahid Kapoor will disclose during the show.

Bailwood actor Ishaan Khattar is giving all his time to his family after the best hit ‘Dhadk’. After giving superb acting in ‘Dhadk’, Ishaan is not shooting any movie right now. In fact, Ishaan has shared a photo share on his Instagram account. In it, they are watching with the little Misha. 

The daughter of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have been two years old. In the picture, Ishaan and Meisha are seen playing with each other. Ishaan has placed Mishra on his shoulder and Mishra is trying to cover his eyes with his own hands. Misha is looking very cute in this photo and is having lots of fun with her uncle.

Let me tell you that Karan Johar, Tara, and Ananya are going to launch this movie. Before coming to Bollywood, Tara was dating Ishaan, but after some time both of them got broken. Now the circumstances are that the two do not talk to each other. Karan first signed the Ishaan Khattar in this film

When Ishaan discovered that Tara would be in the film then he left SOTY 2. Karan was impressed with the talent of Ishaan. He offered Ishan a special role for the Student of the Year 2. Even Ishaan had shot some action scenes of the film. When Ishan left the film, Tiger Shroff got this chance.

According To A Report Loneliness Is Mofre Dangerous Than Smoking 15 Cigarettes…

According to a report, drinking fifteen cigarettes throughout the day is also frightening loneliness. If the life of those struggling with loneliness is not illuminated during the time, then disability of scourge will be spread in life. Recently Britain has proposed the proposal of the loneliness. Is it really necessary in India? When love, friendship, identity cannot be bought, can you be overcome by loneliness alone? Maybe yes One can be tried. Some countries have made the treatment essential to deal with this horrific situation. For instance, in the Netherlands, students are required to spend 30 hours per week with the elderly and the residents, so that skills can be developed in unitary citizens and the joy of living is regenerated.  

On the same lines, Singapore has been given opportunities to retire some years back to work. Due to retirement, the purpose of living in people is lost and they become victims of loneliness in Andheri closet. 

Do not flirt with health

Many people are in tension, they can not pay attention to their health either. Many of them are depressed at such times that they leave until they eat and drink. Know so much that not only you are miserable in this world but also many people like you. But this method of dealing with suffering cannot be justified. Associate Professor Dr. AIIMS Psychiatric Department Rajesh Sagar says, “There are seven people out of a thousand in the country, who are in tension and oriented towards narcotic things. 

And now women are getting involved in this. Drugs also damage mental health as well as physical health. So do not flirt with health. Whether it is unheard of for millions of problems, think of making your lifestyle as healthier, like sleeping and sleeping, as well as sleeping at the appointed time.          

More packages are discounted due to home 

The social family system in the country has started to become increasingly scattered. Instead of a joint family, a single family is taking it. Dada-grandmother or the maternal grandmother’s is now a thing of the past. The definitions of relationships are changing in competition and greed for getting more money. Institutional family arrangements are coming in the way of questions. Going home due to more packages 

Surprised Survey 
According to a survey, every 10th person in the country is suffering from some type of psychiatric treatment. In every 40th second, a person commits suicide. The world health figure is even more shocking. According to this figure, a quarter of the world’s population is a victim of some mental illness.

Out of this, only 40 percent of people are diagnosed and they can be treated. Every year around one million people who lose their lives by self-killing every year. According to psychiatrist Dr. Sameer Malhotra, the reason for these self-murder is depression, which is the cause of increasingly-growing dementia, angiabetes

Tips To Store Gajar Ka Halwa For A Week…

The winter season with the pink cold is beginning to knock. In this case, the turmeric, gajak, chikki, and carrot halwa have begun to appear in the market. We know that after hearing the name of carrot halwa, water should have come in your mouth and it is also shameful. The special thing about this halva is that we can store it for a few days and enjoy it every day after eating. If you like carrot halva too and you also keep it for a week, then this news is special for you. Today we will tell you how to store it for a long time so that you can taste fresh for a long time.

Do not use milk
Many women put milk in the halwa when they are made. Do not do this. You can make halva without milk too. For this, you have to cook the decoction in the water till its water ends. Apart from this, the carrot should also be well-received. If you do this, the taste will remain fresh for a long time, but if you put milk in it then its taste will change within two days.

Dry fruits while eating:
Never make dough fruits in the form of halwa. Because the dried fruit fries at the time of making the halwa give good taste at that time, but if you are making it to store it, then tell you two to three days later this taste changes absolutely. If you like, you can do it when you eat halwa and then add dried fruits above. 

Do not put too much 
holes if you want to keep the halwa fresh for long periods of time, do not use it in large quantities, because Khoa is made from milk. If you put it in high amount of halwa, then the taste of halwa can be spoiled in a few days. It may also be that the sour taste of halwa is coming. Yes, if you like to lose more quantity then at the time when you heat the lava, put the khova over by itself. 

Finally, a last tip. When you store it, put it in the air tide box and keep it in the fridge. When you have to eat it, but this does not mean that you keep opening the box again and again. 

Do You Know That It Is Good To Eat Oranges During A Cold…

Every second person in India is Vaidya, Hakim or Doctor. ‘Stomach is getting hurt, take a little celery,’ ‘It’s cold, take lemon salt and take lukewarm water. ‘The treatment of a small merge is given as if it is a doctorate in it. By the way, these are just Hindustan, it is not so. In every civilization and culture, man has taught thousands of tips from thousands of years, who provide relief in seasonal diseases. Winter is the day. Coughs, colds, and chills are common. Why not, for this, more than 200 types of viruses are responsible for this. As a result, different prescriptions are reported on every country’s cold. The question is: Are these prescriptions so effective that we give relief from freezing and cold? Science behind the home remedies to deal with any disease has to strengthen our ability to fight diseases of our body. There are two aspects, one has our innate ability to fight diseases. Again, the body is preparing to compete with the new virus attack. How to deal with such a virus, it misses our attention. Only then, we have only smallpox disease once in our life. But, the cold often takes several years, more or less each year. The reason is that it has many types of viruses. Our brain is dazzled in recognizing them.


Our strength to fight diseases is directly related to our eating and living. Our immune system is the immune system that is weak only when there is a lack of vitamin or mineral in our body. This is the reason why it is advisable to take lemon salt by putting lemon salt on cold because it lacks salt and vitamin C in the body. Experts of diseases in London’s Imperial College, Charles Baumgham say that if we regularly If you eat healthy and balanced food, then these home remedies are not as effective for us.

Charles Bingham says, “If there is a lack of important vitamins or minerals in your body, such as zinc or sodium, then you will be comfortable with a particular home remedy. But, if you have a balanced diet, then such techniques are inevitable. ‘ But, home remedies cannot be completely dismissed. There are many such experts who have proved that domestic remedies also help in fighting seasonal diseases. In most of these experiments, more research has been done to find important vitamins or minerals from these home remedies.

Garlic and cold

Some things like garlic, give us the power to fight diseases. In research some people were given fake garlic medicines and some people got real Those who were given fake garlic medicines, they often got cold. At the same time, those who consume garlic medicine have reduced cold disease. This happened with vitamin C. Vitamin C supplements do not benefit much. However, if the children are given regular vitamin D in vitamin C then they are less likely to suffer from chills. By the way, it is advisable to drink orange juice when cold. But, experts say that it is not very effective. The juice of orange juice, therefore, contains enough Vitamin C. However, this does not strengthen our immune system to fight cold.

Yes, by taking a zinc supplement your sister’s nose may be greatly reduced. Its daily dose of 80 milligrams can be very helpful for you. Scientists and doctors believe that vitamins and minerals are better if we are part of our regular diet. Taking supplement of them is not considered as wise according to the information such as the need for Vitamin C to be completed by our eating and drinking. But, the deficiency of zinc can be completed quickly through supplementation.

Supplement or regular dose?

However, the lack of research has been felt that those who were relieved of the home remedies were also lacking in vitamins and minerals. Some people believe that home remedies are often used like counterfeit drugs such as orange juice or chicken soup. It is believed that they are relieved when they are cold. Now they do not have the advantages, it is clear. But people are relieved to drink orange juice or chicken soup when cold. What is the reason for this, it is not clear, 

Perhaps people feel better about fighting them mentally for diseases. That is, the whole game is trusting. Those who believe in home remedies, they sometimes relieve yourself from the cure of celery, and sometimes prescribe cold drinks. At the same time, those who do not trust, they have to take home remedies on the advice of others, but they do not get relief.

Research expert Bishop of Southampton University of Britain says, “Research shows that counterfeit drugs are effective because of the trust between the patient and the doctor. Trusting doctors, making fake drugs effective, patients rely on them. If there is a lot of trust in puberty, then it is also more effective. ‘


The Faculty Bishop says that this same thing can be said about domestic remedies. Even if they do not have the same effect. But, such prescriptions often give those people around us that we trust. This is the reason why we try domestic remedies if we feel cold, then feel relieved. This is the effect of counterfeit medicine. Sometimes doctors tell the patient that the drug is fake, but it has given relief to many people. Relieving the doctor, the patients eat those fake drugs and feel comfortable. In addition to trust, our genes play a vital role in making domestic remedies effective or neutral.

Some people become cold and cold again despite all the precaution. At the same time, some people are not cold-headed even after being frustrated. This is the structure of our genes. So, do not implement domestic remedies at all. It is up to you. If you believe, then try it. Otherwise, occasionally the zinc supplement can be frozen if it seems cold.

5 Food Tips For Normal Periods…

Due to the negligent lifestyle and the attitude of negligence towards health these days the problem of irregular periods has become common among women. Home, office, women trapped in the responsibility of the children, think about their problems after solving all the problems of the family. For this reason, despite feeling hurt sometimes, they ignore some things. Women should understand that Periods have a direct and very deep connection with their health, so do not ignore the problem of irregular periods. needed. In irregular periods, women often go through menstruation once or twice a month or twice in a month, menstruation is done two or three times. There can be many reasons for this, in case, of many women, the situation may be more serious, for which it is important to consult a doctor, but for a normal period you can start from today and it is better Khan-Pan You can only consume these five foods and get rid of the problem of irregular periods. Let us give you these special tips for normal periods.  

We have become more dependent on outdoor eating due to lack of time. In this way, we have stopped paying attention to the right diet, but this is not a big task. Just need a little attention. Papaya gets around your house, around the office everywhere. Not too expensive too. Women can use this fruit to turn an irregular or distressed menstruation into a very normal period. 

Actually, Papaya has an element called Pepe, which increases estrogen hormone levels. Because of this, the Periods tend to be quite normal. If papaya is a very delicious fruit, but if a woman does not like its test, its shake can be drunk even after making it. If the problem is high, drink raw papaya juice for a few months, but keep in mind that it should never be consumed during periods.

If a woman is healthy too, then she can also use it because there is no harm to her consumption. Celery contains antioxidants, which increases the blood circulation of the pelvic area. Simply put some celery soaked in water for a short time and now drink its water.

Pumpkin seeds:
It contains zinc, which increases the level of testosterone hormone. This gives great relief in unbearable pain in periods, and it plays an important role in making periods very normal.  

Black sesame:
Their heat is hot, which helps in increasing blood circulation in the povic area. Eat just 1 teaspoon black sesame each morning It is very helpful in balancing hormones. 

Eat ginger with honey or mix some ginger in water for half a cup, boil it for 5-7 minutes. After this add some honey and after eating it, take this mixture three times a day. The ginger is hot and the body’s metabolism is intensified. This is particularly beneficial for women, whose periods are delayed or are being done for a very short period of time. Just keep an eye on the fact that when you bring Ginger from the market, rinse well with water thoroughly, because many types of chemicals are also used to bring ginger on the market.  

This Is Perfect Time To Plan To Have A Short And Sweet Pink City Jaipur Trip…

If you want to go somewhere along with your partner by taking a break from everyday life, this is the best time to visit Jaipur. As the winter season starts, Pink City’s weather becomes quite romantic, so you can plan a little romantic trip with your partner. You will not need much longer time to roam it. You can explore it in just two days, for which you plan on this trip on any weekend. Let’s know some special things about this city.

Take a break from the thrilling life and go on a romantic trip with a partner. Jaipur This city is famous for its royal and grand historic buildings. There are many old forts, palaces, and temples to see and roam here and as well as to relax, and enjoy. As you can visit Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigad Fort, City Palace, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Jagat Shiromani Temple, Albert Hall, Govind Devaji Temple, and Sisodiya Rani Mahal.

Not only this, you can also enjoy shopping here as you look at these places. Jaipur still has a glimpse of old culture and culture, due to which there is a different enjoyment of shopping here.

This is the perfect time to visit Jaipur, because in November the temperature is 15 to 25, so that you can enjoy beautiful scenes while enjoying this lovely weather with your partner. If you want you can enjoy the lake with your partner. The waterfront here is very beautiful.

This palace is so beautiful that it also comes to visit tourists from far away. The highlight of this palace is that the 4th floor of this palace the 5th floor lives inside the water and only one floor appears on the water. To see this palace you have to go by boat and 3 doors have been built to get inside it.

Besides the lake and the forts you can also visit temples here. Here the temple of Govind Dev ji is very festive. Located inside the City Palace, this temple is a story related to the idol of Lord Krishna. It is said that this idol is a replica of Lord Krishna’s face. This idol was brought from King Jai Singh himself from Vrindavan and was restored.

You can visit these places in Jaipur –
Amark Fort – Jigar Fort – City Palace – Hava Mahal – Nahargarh Fort – Jantar Mantar – Jagat Shiromani Temple –
Jal Mahal – Albert Hall – Govinda Devaji Temple – Sisodiya Rani Mahal – Stache Circle